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Greetings from NASDEA’s President


NASDEA Members and Partners, 

I am both honored and delighted to extend a warm welcome to you as part of the National Alliance of State Drug Enforcement Agencies (NASDEA), the premier organization for state-level drug law enforcement in the United States.

As the President of NASDEA, I am steadfastly committed to our mission of fostering enhanced cooperation and coordination among our member agencies, providing valuable input and support to federal-level policy and legislation, and disseminating best practices and information for the development of responsible drug enforcement policies and procedures.

NASDEA, established in 1975 as the State Drug Enforcement Alliance, has a rich history of serving as a unified voice and resource for the professionals who enhance public safety across the nation by combating drug trafficking and abuse. Initially a coalition of Southeastern states, NASDEA recognized the need for coordinated state drug enforcement efforts. Over the years, we have expanded our membership to include state-level drug law enforcement representation from all fifty states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands of the United States. We have also cultivated close working relationships with the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), National Narcotic Officers' Associations' Coalition (NNOAC), Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies (ASCIA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and other federal, state, and local law enforcement partners.

In the face of unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the field of drug enforcement, NASDEA remains dedicated to providing our members with the latest information, training, resources, and advocacy to address these complex and evolving drug problems. We are committed to promoting public awareness and education on the harms and consequences of drug abuse and trafficking, as well as the benefits and successes of drug enforcement.

I am pleased to announce two significant accomplishments that underscore our commitment to our mission. Firstly, we have launched a new website to better serve our members, corporate partners, and the public. Secondly, we have appointed Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Assistant Director T.J. Jordan (Ret) as Executive Director. Executive Director Jordan's leadership and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing success.
The future of NASDEA depends on our members' and partners' active participation and contribution. I encourage you to leverage the many benefits and services that NASDEA offers, such as our bi-annual conferences, corporate partner opportunities, scholarship program, and legislative and policy updates. I also invite you to share your ideas, feedback, and suggestions on how we can enhance NASDEA and better serve your needs. Together, we can make NASDEA a more robust and effective organization for state drug enforcement.

Thank you for your membership and support. I look forward to our collaborative efforts in the coming years.


Donald J. Payton
NASDEA President