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Greetings from NASDEA’s President


Welcome to the National Alliance of State Drug Enforcement Agencies (NASDEA) new website! 

As a law enforcement executive having proudly served my state of Indiana for over 25 years there is no other organization I’ve been associated with that I have received more benefit and satisfaction than NASDEA. With the ever-changing dynamics faced within drug enforcement, ranking agency members from across the country can converge and develop strategies that will assist them to professionally contend with the many challenges faced within their communities.

NASDEA participants have the opportunity to collaborate through education, sharing information, and creating colleague networks and Corporate Partners that provide an avenue towards success within their organizations and respective jurisdictions. NASDEA is staying on the cutting edge by the implementation of change that will enhance future endeavors.  With that, I am extremely pleased to announce the recent appointment of NASDEA’s first Executive Director, T.J. Jordan, formally an Assistant Director with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI). Prior to T.J.’s retirement in 2021, his time as a law enforcement official spanned over 34 years and he was an active member of NASDEA for nearly 20 years. I have long advocated for this position and am proud the Board of Directors voted unanimously to create it. I am confident this action is a step forward in allowing NASDEA to better fulfill its mission.

NASDEA along with the rest of the world has obviously been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Spring and Fall 2020 conferences were canceled, and the membership has not had meetings since. Although this has been unfortunate, more importantly, I speak on behalf of the entire organization by saying our thoughts and prayers go out to all our brothers and sisters in blue that perished due to the health crisis. Additionally, for any of the law enforcement community’s family and friends that were lost, we extend our sincerest condolences. A special thanks to all first responders for their dedication during these precarious times as well.

I am very humbled and honored to serve as NASDEA’s President. My ambition is to see that NASDEA strives to continue standing stronger together for public safety.  I hope to see everyone soon as we re-engage at our next conference in the Spring of 2022.

Kevin Hobson
President, NASDEA